Emergency Tree Removal Response for When the Storm Hits

If you’re like us, you’ve been captivated by the images coming back from Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean over the past couple of weeks. Harvey and Irma were both immensely powerful storms. But the response from emergency personnel and citizens was also immense.

In hurricanes, tornadoes, and other high-wind events, trees that have stood for dozens and even hundreds of years can fall, destroying property and putting lives at risk. We’d like to take a moment to share our emergency response protocols with you so you understand what we can do for you and your community when disaster strikes.

  1. We watch the weather.

Seems obvious, but we do take the forecast seriously (even when others don’t). When the meteorologist predicts severe weather, we keep an eye on the radar to pinpoint areas that may need our assistance once the storm passes. We make sure our fleet and equipment are gassed up and in good working order. And we charge up our phones so we’re ready to take your call.

  1. We’ve invested in the equipment and training to remove your damaged and downed trees safely.

Our tree removal experts are trained to safely and effectively trim and remove damaged and dying trees. They utilize a variety of tools to get the job done right, from trimming equipment to remove branches safely to bucket cranes to reach the tree canopy. We even have stump grinding equipment for fast, complete cleanup. Check out a recent tree removal project in Saint Louis Park where we put our equipment to work.

  1. We won’t leave until your property is safe and clean.

We don’t consider our job done until we’ve inspected every tree on your property for damage and disease. Wind storms tend to hit when trees have their full complement of leaves. This makes it very difficult to see if branches are snapped or otherwise damaged. That’s why we take care to inspect each tree before we leave your property. When we’re done, we’ll clean up any remaining leaves and stray branches from your yard so you can enjoy it safely again. Take a look at the work we did for a Wayzata homeowner after a storm.

When the worst storm hits, you can trust Urban Tree & Landscape to keep your family and your property safe. To learn more about our emergency tree removal services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Required Tree Care for the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis

Did you know that your tree care needs change depending on where you live? How you manage your slice of urban forest in the western suburbs is different from how homeowners manage their trees in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Here are the tree care services we most often recommend to homeowners in Plymouth, Wayzata, Maple Grove, and other cities in the west Twin Cities metro.

Structural Pruning for Young Trees

If you live in a newer subdivision, chances are the trees on your property are fairly young. Maybe they’re even newly planted and still require regular watering. Young trees present an exciting opportunity for you. Through regular professional structural pruning, you can guide the growth of your trees, helping them keep a strong, proportionate branch structure that provides beauty and shade for decades.

Power Line and Structure Clearance

For mature trees in more established neighborhoods, Urban Tree recommends pruning to keep your tree’s branches clear of power lines and adjacent structures. Allowing branches to intertwine with power lines or hang over your home or garage poses safety hazards in the event of strong winds or a severe storm.

Hazard Tree and Limb Assessment

However, branches do not need to be perched precariously over your property to be considered hazards. Dead branches and dying trees are more likely to fall or be uprooted by strong winds. Some species, such as silver maples, are more likely to drop branches or be uprooted than others are. We’re often called out to suburban properties to assess trees for potential hazards.

Pest Treatments

Emerald ash borer beetles, termites, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, and deer can all do damage to your trees. Insects and birds drill into the trunk of your tree, weakening it from the inside out, while deer strip off protective bark. We can recommend steps to deter pests and treatments to help a sick tree recover. In extreme cases, we may recommend pruning or even removal.

Seasonal Pruning and Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is the key to keeping your urban forest healthy and enjoyable for years to come. Schedule your consultation with Urban Tree to assess the trees on your property. After our first visit, we’ll recommend a seasonal schedule that will help your trees grow strong and maintain their beautiful canopies. Contact Urban Tree today to schedule your consultation.

Customer in Hopkins needed a Stump Removed

Whether you’ve just removed a tree or have had a stump sitting in your front yard for years, stump grinding is an integral part of managing your small slice of the urban forest. Grinding processes the remaining tree trunk into small chips that quickly biodegrade into the soil. This gets rid of habitat for pests like termites and bees while returning the tree’s footprint back to your yard.

You may think you can remove tree and shrub stumps yourself. But grinding stumps is tough work without the heavy-duty tools you need to do the job right. Save yourself time, effort, and frustration and call Urban Tree and Landscape first.

Urban Tree and Landscape is a full-service tree company serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. We help property owners manage their urban forests, from tree trimming and pruning to tree and shrub removal and stump grinding.  Our tree care maintenance and disease control program allows your trees to thrive as they mature into a canopy that adds shade and beauty you can enjoy all summer long.

Urban Tree and Landscape is family-owned and operated by Gabe Tschida. Gabe’s core values of honesty, integrity, and reliability guide every interaction you have with Urban Tree. To schedule a stump removal or create a healthy tree maintenance program, contact Urban Tree & Landscape today at 612-532-9996 or www.utrees.com.


A Tree Falls in St. Louis Park . . . It’s Time to Call Urban Tree and Landscape for Emergency Tree Service

Summer weather has arrived in Minnesota, which means heat, humidity, and severe weather. Strong winds can do major damage to your property’s trees. Fortunately, most homeowners weather these storms with a few downed branches. But for the unlucky few, severe weather causes major damage to their trees and properties.

Assessing the Tree Damage

This was the case for a St. Louis Park homeowner Urban Tree and Landscape helped last summer after a major storm rolled through the Twin Cities metro area. The homeowner’s property was in an older neighborhood with beautiful, mature trees. Before the storm, the homeowner was the proud owner of about a dozen of these trees.

After the storm was a different story.

We came out to evaluate the damage after the homeowner called Urban Tree and Landscape for emergency tree service. It was obvious that there was a lot of work to do to make the property safe again. A large silver maple had large branches hanging precariously about 30 feet above the ground, and an aging crabapple tree had split nearly down the middle. A young tree in the front yard had been bent by the winds into a dangerous position over the sidewalk. Other trees on the property had lost branches, too.

Performing Tree Triage

Our first step was to remove trees and branches that posed an immediate threat. Sadly, we had to remove the crabapple tree. It was never going to recover from the damage the high winds had caused. We used chainsaws to safely remove the larger branches and process them in our chipper. Then, we used chainsaws to safely cut down the tree’s large trunk and our grinder to remove the tree’s stump.

After the crabapple tree was safely removed, we went to work on the various loosely hanging branches in the canopy of the silver maple and other trees on the property. If left as-is, these branches could have fallen and landed on the home or worse, the homeowner and her family.

Saving a Young Tree from the Chipper

Once the trees and branches that posed immediate danger had been removed, Urban Tree and Landscape went to work on the young tree in the front yard that was bent precariously over the sidewalk. We hate to remove healthy trees when we can avoid it, and this tree seemed to be a good candidate for repair, not removal.

With the homeowner’s blessing, we started the gradual process of pulling the tree back to level. We used ropes and anchors to gently encourage the tree back into place over the next few months. This process is similar to using braces to correct the alignment of your child’s crooked smile. Over time, the tree fully recovered. When we came out to inspect it this spring, it was vertical, healthy, and starting to bud.

Cleaning Up the Property

With the major tree damage mitigated, Urban Tree and Landscape started work on cleaning up the fallen branches on the ground on the homeowner’s property. We removed large debris by hand and raked up the remaining small branches and twigs and processed it all in the chipper.

The emergency tree cleanup in St. Louis Park after a major summer storm was a full day of work for the Urban Tree and Landscape team, but it was absolutely necessary to remove the tree damage quickly so it didn’t do further harm to the homeowner’s property. When the next storm hits the Twin Cities metro area and causes tree damage on your property, contact Urban Tree and Landscape to request emergency tree service.

Urban Tree and Landscaping – Minneapolis Tree Removal by Crane

Urban Tree & Landscape is a full-service tree company based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. It is family owned and operated by Gabe Tschida who is guided by his core values of honesty, integrity and reliability.  We deliver superior services for homeowners and commercial customers at highly competitive rates.

We have professionally trained tree workers and certified arborists on staff to assist you and your home or business. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide top quality services on every job we do for our customers. We offer a wide range of tree services including hazardous tree removal, natural disaster recovery, proper pruning and tree maintenance.

Urban Tree can care for trees of all sizes in any location and tackle jobs of any scope. Whether you are a homeowner, a commercial business, a contractor, or a government or educational agency, Urban Tree & Landscape has the experience, staff, equipment, and expertise to take care of all your tree service needs.  Free estimates are always available.

Tree Removal – As simple as it sounds, not all tree removal experts are created equally. Urban Tree and Landscape will take care of your tree problem safely and efficiently. What sets us apart is our communication, reliability, and our commitment to your satisfaction. Our services will keep your trees healthy and vibrant for all to enjoy.

So, Give Urban Tree and Landscape a call for your tree care services at 612-532-9996 or visit on the web at www.utrees.com

Why removing trees by yourself could result in death or serious injury

Tree RemovalTree removal is a challenging task that requires expertise, caution and calculated moves. It may seem a simple task to some but you cannot appreciate its magnitude of the task until you are attempting it, and by then it may be too late, the unfortunate would already have happened and sadly, you may be seriously injured. To avoid injuries when removing a tree in your yard, you need to take some precautions, such as wearing safety equipment, knowing the best time to cut it or to avoid all these troubles hire a tree removal professional. Someone might tell you that removing it on your own will save some costs, but you may end up running into serious losses if it hits your house, car or other valuables. Hiring a professional in Minneapolis or Bloomington or the Twin Cities will ensure that the tree is removed carefully eliminating the dangers of hitting the house or car.

Handling tree removal tools is a challenge that people sometimes encounter. There are tools such as wood chippers, chainsaws, and ropes among other power and hand tools. All these can be dangerous when handled poorly. For example, a chain saw requires total concentration; a slight distraction can lead to cutting the tree at the wrong point or inflicting damage on yourself within a fraction of a second. When these tools are used by somebody who is not familiar with them, distractions easily happen. A slight distraction in the use of a chainsaw, as we have seen above, can cause great damage, and some of these are irreversible, you can have your whole leg or hand cut off. You can cut the tree at the wrong point making it move in an unintended direction. Given that the tree might be huge and heavy, turning it in the required direction might not be possible. This calls for professionals, people who have done this and knows the dangers of distraction and how to avoid it or if you have the courage to do it use safety protection clothes. Although we insist on the use of safety clothes, it’s important to know how to use them as this may make a difference between life and death.

Apart from the tools, the tree itself presents a real danger; because of the risk of falling in the wrong direction, poor climbing, poor support systems, or the possibility of electric lines near the spot among others. Poor handling may lead to a tree falling in the wrong direction hitting a house, car, electric poles or even a passerby. It’s important to ensure that the tree is supported well and at the same time ensure that there are no distractions when using the power or chain saw. Always consider the size of the tree, for the small ones, while using the necessary safety equipment and the right skills, you can probably handle it. For the huge one or those which are near electricity poles, houses or a road, engage a professional as the dangers are real and only an experienced person may handle it well.

As said before, tree removal in Minneapolis may seem an easy task, but the monumental task ahead could be a surprise. A professional tree remover first studies the site and the tree itself, then decides on the strategies to use to fell the tree. He will know the types of tools to use as well as the safety precautions which will be employed. You should always hire a professional, as this will ensure that the job is done well as avoid the possibilities of injuries. Get a professional in Minneapolis, Golden Valley or the twin Cities and eliminate some of the dangers that may come with felling a tree.

Tree Removal and Trimming Work Provided

A floral store contacted us and asked us to do a tree removal in Maple Grove at their location, so that they would have room for a landscaping display in the following year. They also needed two neighboring trees to be trimmed of some of their branches, so that an appropriate amount of light would reach the landscaping feature in the years to come. We let the floral store owner know that they called the right tree company, because we specialize in tree service.

We arrived to start the tree removal

The crew arrived on a beautiful, sunshiny day to start the tree pruning service for the client. The crew first started to get ready for the tree removal. We brought our best equipment, so we could safely remove the tree without any problems. We started removing the higher branches with our bucket crane and several of our crew members were on the ground to retrieve the branches safely.

We were called out for tree service in Maple Grove

The crew had successfully removed the tree, so they moved on to removing the stump with our stump grinding machine. The crew made sure all limbs and debris were cleaned up thoroughly, then the crew began trimming the two trees that had been requested.

When the crew had all the tree trimming completed and the site cleaned they started packing up the tools to leave. The client was very happy that they used our services once we were finished, because we didn’t interrupt any of their regular business. The client said they were first worried that our tree removal would stop their customers from entering their business, but the entire crew made sure to keep the area clean and safe, so they could still conduct business.

We told the customer that if they were pleased with our services, then they should consider us for any tree service that they were planning on doing in the future. The customer was thrilled to hear this news and they said they would be contacting us in the near future, because we did a fantastic job for them and we are the only tree company in Maple Grove that was able to come out quickly for them. We are always happy to hear that our customers are thrilled with the work we provide, because the entire crew thrives on providing the best tree care and service available.

Comprehensive Tree Care Services in New Hope

A month or so ago a carpet and flooring dealer in our area was wanting to have the outside of his property improved. He had done a lot of the landscaping and yard work on his own, but he really needed help with stump removal and tree service in New Hope to really clean up the space. He contacted us because he heard we were the best tree company in the area. We met with the client to evaluate his trees and provide him with an estimate for his tree trimming.

The Tree Care Process Began

We arrived at the business and the owner showed us the trees that he wanted trimmed and the stump that needed to be removed. His current trees looked really overgrown, and one of them needed to be removed due to the disease that it had. We discovered this after doing a thorough examination of the trees on his property, and he was really grateful for our attention to detail.

We helped this store out with our new hope tree service

The crew showed the client a couple of signs that the tree was diseased such as the mushrooms growing at the base of the trees and hollowing present in the tree. The crew started the tree removal immediately. Once all the branches and trunk sections were removed, the crew used the stump grinder to remove the stump. The crew started trimming the other trees that were very overgrown and doing another stump removal on the property. At the end of the day we were able to have all the tree trimming and stump removal completed for the client. The crew made sure that there wasn’t a branch or leaf left on the property. We always make sure to leave a property in better condition than when we arrive.

The client noticed that we were getting ready to leave, so he came out to look at the work that we had done for him. The client was very pleased with the tree trimming that we provided for him, but he was more impressed with the diseased tree that was removed along with the stump. He said the outside of his property had never looked this good before, and he really appreciated the hard work that our crew provided for him. He said he would never let the property get in that condition again now that he has such a reliable and dedicated tree company that he can count on.

Retail Space Needs Urgent Tree Service and Stump Grinding

Recently, a commercial retail center property owner contacted us. He had about 10 stores spread out over a large lot. The owner called us to do tree care in Eden Prairie on all of the trees that had been planted about 10 years ago. We let the property owner that he called the right tree company, because we specialize in tree care, tree removal and trimming.

Eden Prairie tree services were scheduled

The crew arrived at the retail center and started evaluating the trees. One needed a tree removal fairly urgently, because the tree was not healthy and hadn’t been healthy for some time. The crew wanted to check the other trees immediately to make sure that they didn’t have the same disease, and thankfully they were in good health. A few of the trees just needed to have tree pruning done and one tree needed to have tree trimming done to the brances. We gave the property owner the estimate and he asked to go ahead and start the work.

We did tree care in Eden Prairie at a retail space - Utrees

The crew went to work on removing the unhealthy tree. The crew was able to situate the bucket crane where it wouldn’t interfere with any of the business within the strip mall. The crew removed the tree, then did stump grinding, so that any trace of that tree would be gone. The crew pruned a few of the trees, then started trimming the one tree that needed trimming. The crew worked continuously throughout the day to get the project completed for the customer. It’s a good thing that the weather cooperated, so the tree pruning and tree removal could go on without any problems.

The crew got the job done and had the entire area cleaned. The crew never leaves a worksite without making sure that all limbs, leaves, and debris are cleaned up and removed. We want to make sure that the area looks better when we are done working than when we arrive on the job site. The property owner noticed that the crew was getting ready to leave, so he came out and thanked each crew member for doing such a great job. He said not only were the tree services done in such a professional manner, but the crew made sure not to interrupt any of the customers visiting any of the businesses. The client said we were definitely the number one tree company to contact for all tree care needs.

Emergency Tree Service Puts Homeowner at Ease

We got a call from a customer who had a dangerous tree limb hanging over his property as a result of a the bad storms previous evening . He called our Wayzata emergency tree service to take care of it before it landed right in the middle of the house.

The homeowner sounded frantic and we let him know that we would be right out, which we were. We arrived to the home and the homeowner was right, the limb was huge and would be tricky to remove, but the tree cutting had to be done. While we were there he also asked us to examine the other trees on his property since we were already out there, and we let him know that we could do that for him.

The tricky tree removal was about to start.

We were glad that we brought our bucket crane, because the tree branch was hanging directly over the driveway. It was also near the power lines. The crew started safely removing the large branch and within no time at all the branch was removed. We went ahead and did some tree trimming to the tree. The tree was healthy, but was in desperate need of trimming. We wanted to make sure that if another bad storm hit that the homeowner wouldn’t have to worry about the tree limbs hitting any power lines or the home. The crew got that area cleaned up, then we went to examine the other trees on the property.

We were able to save the property's trees after doing tree trimming in Wayzata

All the trees were in fairly good shape as they just needed to have our basic tree care service (except for one). There was one tree that was in bad health. The crew was able to spot that immediately. When the crew walked up to the tree they could see that there were mushrooms growing at the trunk, and there was hollowing occurring in the area too.

We let the homeowner know that tree removal for the health of his other trees, which the homeowner told us to go ahead with. The crew trimmed the healthy trees, then removed the diseased tree. Finally, they did a stump removal too. By the end of the day the crew was able to do all the work for the customer. The customer was happy with the work that we provided for him and he told us how happy he was to find a reliable tree company. We came out immediately for him, then provided him with affordable tree services.