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Landscaping services are an excellent choice for any homeowner. Most homeowners choose to have things like  stump grinding done immediately after a tree has been removed, and homeowners in Minnesota contact the top Minneapolis landscaping service, Urban Tree & Landscape, for all their outdoor needs. We are a complete tree service offering tree trimming, tree removal, and landscaping. We also provide an array of tree and landscape services and options. We are a family-owned and operated business that uphold our core values, which include honesty, reliability, and integrity.

Our Tree Services Offered

We have an array of tree and landscape services:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Grinding
  • Emergency Services
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Care
  • Shrub Removal
  • And so much more…

We provide tree care services, which consists of disease control and fertilization. Our tree care will optimize the health of your trees. Our tree trimming services will allow your trees to grow and mature, so it can provide shade and beauty to your property. Urban Tree & Landscape is a complete tree and landscaping service company that can remove diseased and dangerous trees, and optimize the health of trees.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This city got its name from the city’s first school teacher. The school teacher combined the ‘mni’, which is the word for water by the Dakota Sioux, then the ‘polis’, which is a Greek word for city. Minneapolis is an exciting city to reside in and 407,207 residents call this city home. It is Minnesota’s largest city.

The Dakota Sioux Indians were the first settlers here. French explorers arrived in 1680 and settled here as well. Minneapolis is a thriving city. Five Fortune 500 corporations have their headquarters located in town. These corporations include Ameriprise Financial, Target, Xcel Energy, Bancorp, and Thrivent Financial.We provided tree removal in Minneapolis at this nice home - Urban Tree

Minneapolis is known for its cultural organizations. Thousands of visitors come to the city for the theater, music, and art. The Walker Art Center is located here, and is one of the five largest museums of modern art located in the United States. The Walker Art Center is fifteen acres, and is located in downtown.

Minneapolis is home to some of the finest cuisine in the state. The Food & Wine magazine named Minneapolis as, “The Best and Best-Priced Food City in the Nation”. Visitors love coming to Minneapolis for many different reasons, but one of the main reasons is the delicious food here.

Our tree company is the stump grinding expert homeowners can trust. We provide stump grinding, tree care, tree pruning, and landscaping services by qualified and trained tree technicians. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to supply homeowners with superior tree services. Contact us today for an estimate!

Infection Requires Best Tree Care in Minneapolis for Removal

We had a homeowner who needed Minneapolis tree care for an infected tree on his property. Trees are living, breathing things and just like humans, they can get sick and die. Depending on what the disease is, the tree can sometimes bounce back from it. However, this customer’s tree was past saving because it had developed severe root rot. This can be detected if there is visible fungus or if the roots are broken. Trees with this illness can blow over or fall without warning, so it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. Our customer gave us a call after noticing damage with the roots and we were able to schedule an appointment to remove the tree later on that week. On that day our team worked throughout the afternoon until it was successfully removed from the property. We also removed the stump because leaving it could spread the disease to surrounding trees. After we finished, we invited the homeowner to look at the area where the tree once stood. He said we did an outstanding job and our team was very efficient, without leaving a mess behind. He told us he will definitely be using us in the future!

At Urban Tree and Landscape, we understand the importance of removing infected trees immediately. We try to save all trees, but it isn’t always possible. You can check out our other services on our website, which include all landscaping, tree stump removals, and garden designs.

Minneapolis Tree Removal Clears Driver’s View

We received a phone call from a customer for a Minneapolis tree removal. A storm had recently come through, causing the tree in his front yard to bend and obstruct his view when he backed his car out of the driveway. It was not only a nuisance for him, but the branches were drooping down low enough to distract other drivers, as well. He knew a car accident was bound to occur if he didn’t take care of it fast. He did what many of us would do, he went online to search for different tree removal companies in Minneapolis that had good ratings. Urban Tree and Landscape was on his list of companies to call. We told him we could have our tree removal crew at his property that same week at a convenient time that worked for him. We arrived on the scheduled date to remove the tree. We had a climber go up and wield a chainsaw to drop the majority of the branches into our chipper. We take trees down in pieces, so it is safer and easier. We then used a grinder for the remaining tree stump. Before we left, we cleaned up all of the limbs, debris and leaves that fell during the process. We had the homeowner come inspect our work once we were done. He had nothing but positive things to say about the yard! He mentioned how he was relieved that there was now an open space in his yard and his neighbors can pass his property without an issue.

Urban Tree & Landscape is built upon honesty, integrity, and sustainability. We offer other services too, which include tree care, garden design, and hardscaping. Click to read more information on our tree and landscaping services, here!

Minneapolis Tree Removal for Downed Trunk

(Interested in Tree Removal in Minneapolis? Click Here!)

Our customer in Minneapolis had a tree that drooped over and was touching electrical wires. It was only time until it started a fire and caused further damage. Our customer had used Urban Tree and Landscape for her outdoor kitchen in her backyard and knew we offered tree care services, so she gave us a call. We had scheduled an appointment and arrived at her property for what we thought was going to be a tree trimming service. We began removing some of the branches and learned that her tree had been dead for years. Even when dead, trees can still provide many benefits, so we always try to save them. We saw that the trunk had vertical cracks, which is a bad sign. We spoke with the customer and advised a tree removal as the best option. After she agreed, we kept on working until the tree was just a stump and the electrical wires were free from danger. The homeowner made some errands and returned home just as we had finished cleaning the area where the tree once stood. She said, “wow, that looks great!” She was so pleased with our work that she went online and left us a review. It said, “Urban Tree & Landscape did a wonderful job removing a tree that was getting too close to my electrical wires. They didn’t leave my property until the area was cleaned. The price was very affordable. Great job, Urban Tree & Landscape.”

We would like to thank you for trusting your home with our team. We wanted to let you know that we offer other tree care and landscaping services, too. Contact us today, and let us go over other landscaping options.

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