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Homeowners want their yards to look beautiful, and know that having healthy trees will provide them with curb appeal, beauty, shade, and value. This is why homeowners contact the tree service specialists at our tree company for their tree care and tree removal services. Our experience and dedication have made us the top choice for Maple Grove tree trimming, tree removal, and tree service.

Tree Service and Tree Removal Options

Our tree trimming expertise includes:

  • Tree Care
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Shrub Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Emergency Services
  • Stump Grinding
  • Disease Management
  • And much more…

We offer the very best in tree care to the neighbors in our community. Call us today to discuss your next yard project, or how our tree service can help improve your property.

Maple Grove, Minnesota

Maple Grove, Minnesota is a thriving city with a population of 61,567. The nickname for the city is, “The Grove” and “MG.” The motto for the town is “Serving Today, Shaping Tomorrow.” The city is known for its abundance and beautiful maple trees, which is where the city got its name. The city also provides a significant amount of maple sugar from the maple trees. Money Magazine has named it as “The Second Best Place to Live” in the United States in 2014.

We always provide really picturesque tree service in Maple Grove

Here you’ll find a beautiful city that is visited by thousands of visitors each year. The Arboretum is a fifteen acre park that has over one hundred maple trees to view. There are trails that lead to Rice Lake where visitors can enjoy fishing, feeding ducks, and the tranquility of the lake. The Angel of Hope statue is located at the Arboretum. The Angel of Hope statute was donated by a grieving grandmother in the memory of her son. The beautiful statute now is a place for those who have lost a child or grandchild.

The Town Green is an outdoor amphitheater located on Main Street and is a great place to watch art performances and music concerts. The Town Green is surrounded by flowers and trees and is a perfect area to just relax. Some of the best restaurants are located in this city. Henry’s Café, The Lookout Bar and Grill, and Torge’s Grill at the Courtyard are a few of the best places to dine in Maple Grove. Main Street is the best area to do shopping in the city. There are numerous shops, boutiques, antique stores, and galleries located downtown on Main Street for the best shopping in Maple Grove. Maple Grove, Minnesota is a wonderful city that offers outdoor and indoor activities, the best cuisine, and shopping.

Urban Tree and Landscape appreciates the beauty that Maple Grove, Minnesota has. We thrive on providing superior tree care services to homeowners in Maple Grove. We have over two decades of experience, so contact us today for all your tree

Removal and Trimming Work Provided

A floral store contacted us and asked us to do a tree removal in Maple Grove at their location, so that they would have room for a landscaping display in the following year. They also needed two neighboring trees to be trimmed of some of their branches, so that an appropriate amount of light would reach the landscaping feature in the years to come. We let the floral store owner know that they called the right tree company, because we specialize in tree service.

We arrived to start the tree removal

The crew arrived on a beautiful, sunshiny day to start the tree pruning service for the client. The crew first started to get ready for the tree removal. We brought our best equipment, so we could safely remove the tree without any problems. We started removing the higher branches with our bucket crane and several of our crewmembers were on the ground to retrieve the branches safely.

We were called out for tree service in Maple Grove

The crew had successfully removed the tree, so they moved on to removing the stump with our stump grinding machine. The crew made sure all limbs and debris were cleaned up thoroughly, then the crew began trimming the two trees that had been requested.

When the crew had all the tree trimming completed and the site cleaned they started packing up the tools to leave. The client was very happy that they used our services once we were finished, because we didn’t interrupt any of their regular business. The client said they were first worried that our tree removal would stop their customers from entering their business, but the entire crew made sure to keep the area clean and safe, so they could still conduct business.

We told the customer that if they were pleased with our services, then they should consider us for any tree service that they were planning on doing in the future. The customer was thrilled to hear this news and they said they would be contacting us in the near future, because we did a fantastic job for them and we are the only tree company in Maple Grove that was able to come out quickly for them. We are always happy to hear that our customers are thrilled with the work we provide, because the entire crew thrives on providing the best tree care and service available.

Project for a Nice Couple in Maple Grove

Maple Grove Tree Trimming was no Problem for our teamUrban Tree & Landscape was contacted by a retired couple looking for tree care in Maple Grove. The retired couple explained that they wanted to have one of their trees looked at, because it was looking very unhealthy. The Urban Tree & Landscape experts arrived at the home in Maple Grove and the wife showed us the tree that they were concerned with. She explained that they planted that tree over thirty five years ago when their first son was born and how much the tree really meant to them, because the couple lost their son just a couple years ago from a car accident.

The Urban Tree & Landscape experts looked over the tree and let her know that the tree wasn’t unhealthy at all, but it was just overgrown. We could trim the tree and the tree would be healthy and growing again without any problems. The lady was so happy to hear the news and our crew started trimming the tree. Once we had the tree trimmed and the leaves and debris picked up and removed we let her know that her tree was trimmed successfully and  has many, many years of life left as long as she provided it the tree care that it needed and Urban Tree & Landscape was the tree care Maple Grove specialists. The couple set up for us to return in six months to provide the tree care that their trees needed and said they would never neglect their trees again. The couple couldn’t stop thanking us for saving their beloved tree.

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