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Beautiful landscaping is the way to enhance and set off your home. Homeowners in Edina, Minnesota know how important it is to have healthy trees, plants, and landscaping. When your trees and plants are healthy they will give back to you by providing shade for you and your family, along with increasing the value of your home. Urban Tree and Landscape is the Edina tree service expert. We stand behind our core values, which include honesty, integrity, and reliability. These values are very important to our company and have allowed us to be the tree company that Edina homeowners can trust and depend on for the health and beauty of their trees, plants, and landscaping.

Tree Company in Edina, Minnesota

Urban Tree and Landscape offers a wide range of tree services in Edina, Minnesota, which include:

  • Tree Care
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Emergency Pruning
  • Shrub Removal
  • Garden Design
  • And much more…

Urban Tree and Landscape is your one-stop landscaping and tree specialist’s provider. We have all your landscaping and tree needs covered.

Edina, Minnesota

Edina, Minnesota is located just southwest of Minneapolis. Edina first began as just a small farming community, and was first settled in the late 1800’s by seventeen families from Ireland. The population of Edina is 49,376, and the motto for the town is “For Living, Learning, Raising Families & Doing Business.” Edina offers a variety of activities and adventures.

Explore the outdoors in Edina by visiting the Centennial Lakes Park. The Centennial Lakes Park is a twenty-four acre park that has a ten acre lake, a pond, fountains, pavilions, and beauty. There is also an amphitheater that provides outdoor concerts. The lake hosts radio controlled boats, paddlewheels, and more. In the winter months visitors can go skating, ice sledding, then sit by one of three fireplaces that is located around the park.Tree Service in Edina provided by Urban Tree

If you would like to do some shopping in Edina visit the 50th & France area, which provides a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and locally owned specialty shops. The street offers a hometown feel, and is a perfect place to enjoy the entire day. Art lovers can head over to the Edina Art Center where there are exhibits, sculptures, paintings, and handmade artwork. The Edina History Museum is the best place to visit so you can learn about the history of Edina. The museum features rotating exhibits and so much more. The museum is located on Arneson Acres, which is fourteen acres of flowers, plants, and beauty. This is an excellent location to enjoy and learn about Edina. Edina, Minnesota offers something fun and exciting for everyone.

Urban Tree and Landscape appreciates and understands beauty. We thrive on providing quality landscaping for homeowners in Edina, Minnesota. We have been providing exceptional services for over twenty years. Contact Urban Tree and Landscape for landscaping needs, tree care, and hardscaping designs.

Why removing trees by yourself could result in death or serious injury

Tree RemovalTree removal is a challenging task that requires expertise, caution and calculated moves. It may seem a simple task to some but you cannot appreciate its magnitude of the task until you are attempting it, and by then it may be too late, the unfortunate would already have happened and sadly, you may be seriously injured. To avoid injuries when removing a tree in your yard, you need to take some precautions, such as wearing safety equipment, knowing the best time to cut it or to avoid all these troubles hire a tree removal professional. Someone might tell you that removing it on your own will save some costs, but you may end up running into serious losses if it hits your house, car or other valuables. Hiring a professional in Minneapolis or Bloomington or the Twin Cities will ensure that the tree is removed carefully eliminating the dangers of hitting the house or car.

Handling tree removal tools is a challenge that people sometimes encounter. There are tools such as wood chippers, chainsaws, and ropes among other power and hand tools. All these can be dangerous when handled poorly. For example, a chain saw requires total concentration; a slight distraction can lead to cutting the tree at the wrong point or inflicting damage on yourself within a fraction of a second. When these tools are used by somebody who is not familiar with them, distractions easily happen. A slight distraction in the use of a chainsaw, as we have seen above, can cause great damage, and some of these are irreversible, you can have your whole leg or hand cut off. You can cut the tree at the wrong point making it move in an unintended direction. Given that the tree might be huge and heavy, turning it in the required direction might not be possible. This calls for professionals, people who have done this and knows the dangers of distraction and how to avoid it or if you have the courage to do it use safety protection clothes. Although we insist on the use of safety clothes, it’s important to know how to use them as this may make a difference between life and death.

Apart from the tools, the tree itself presents a real danger; because of the risk of falling in the wrong direction, poor climbing, poor support systems, or the possibility of electric lines near the spot among others. Poor handling may lead to a tree falling in the wrong direction hitting a house, car, electric poles or even a passerby. It’s important to ensure that the tree is supported well and at the same time ensure that there are no distractions when using the power or chain saw. Always consider the size of the tree, for the small ones, while using the necessary safety equipment and the right skills, you can probably handle it. For the huge one or those which are near electricity poles, houses or a road, engage a professional as the dangers are real and only an experienced person may handle it well.

As said before, tree removal in Minneapolis may seem an easy task, but the monumental task ahead could be a surprise. A professional tree remover first studies the site and the tree itself, then decides on the strategies to use to fell the tree. He will know the types of tools to use as well as the safety precautions which will be employed. You should always hire a professional, as this will ensure that the job is done well as avoid the possibilities of injuries. Get a professional in Minneapolis, Golden Valley or the twin Cities and eliminate some of the dangers that may come with felling a tree.

Shrub Removal in Edina for new Homeowner

We had a customer who just purchased a home in Edina. The inside of the home was updated, but the backyard was just grass. First she needed quality Edina shrub removal to clear the lawn completely. She wanted to utilize backyard by adding an outdoor kitchen. She wanted mix-matched stones for a stone patio and plants surrounding it. She also wanted a fountain in the center of the yard. She called three different companies, but only Urban Tree and Landscape was able to meet all of her needs. We came out, had her walk through what she wanted, and we gave other great suggestions that would benefit the backyard. We gave a bid that she couldn’t refuse and our crew showed up on time and immediately went to work! It took a few days to get the project completed, but it was still done ahead of schedule. Our customer told us she was amazed by how different the backyard looked, even better than she could have imagined. She was happy that the price never changed and every worker was very professional.

Urban Tree & Landscape would like to thank you for choosing us for your backyard landscaping project. Now that you have your backyard looking amazing, we can make the front yard look outstanding, too. Give us a call and we will go over many options! We have a range of services and would be happy to discuss them with you at your convenience.

Walkway Transformation through Edina Tree Service

It is very difficult to find a landscaping company in Edina with the same level of care and expertise that Urban Tree and Landscape shows. A couple in Edina didn’t know who to hire for their landscaping, so they relied on Google and found Urban Tree and Landscape. They told us they were instantly impressed with our professionalism. One of the workers pointed out one of the trees and told them that based on the condition, if it wasn’t cared for immediately, it would soon die. We were able to take care of the tree and cut off the ill parts. Then we added shrubs, plants, and flowers around the walkway and front yard to improve the home’s curb appeal.

The couple came outside to take a look once everything was done and said they couldn’t believe how amazing and beautiful it was! The wife said she couldn’t wait to tell her family and friends about the wonderful work that we did.

We would like to express how thankful Urban Tree and Landscape is for you selecting our company. Our company is built on honesty, integrity, and sustainability. We provide superior services to all of our customers. We would like to continue to care for your trees, as we provide excellent tree services, too. We look forward to being your landscaping and tree service provider. Contact us in the future, so we can continue to keep your trees and plants healthy and beautiful!