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Healthy trees and landscaping is essential for homeowners. When trees have diseases or infections, it can spread to other plants and trees (which can result in death). Homeowners have been depending on our tree service to keep their trees and landscaping healthy for twenty years. We dedicate our knowledge in providing excellence in all of the tree removal work we do. Our employees are qualified and trained, so you get the best service.

Tree Service and Tree Care Options

Our tree company services include:

  • Emergency Trimming
  • Specialty Tree Care
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Shrub Removal Service

Urban Tree and Landscape offers specialty tree removal, and even emergency tree service. We have the equipment and tools needed for any type of limb removal. Our garden design team can assist customers with unique and amazing garden designs. We have you covered in all your landscaping needs.

Burnsville, MinnesotaUrban Tree & Landscape is the number one landscape company burnsville could ever ask for.

Burnsville, Minnesota has a population of 60,306. It is fifteen miles from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city is known for its amazing shopping as the Burnsville Center attracts hundreds of visitors each day. The mall features all different kinds of shopping and restaurants. Downtown Burnsville’s “Heart of the City” has been a development that has been a working process. This area will restore Main Street along with bringing new and exciting stores, shopping and businesses.

There are 79 parks that this town has to offer visitors and residents. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Crystal Lake are the city’s most visited areas, which provides activities such as; swimming, boating, fishing, and jet-skiing along with beauty. Burnsville is a great city that is beautiful, exciting and adventurous. This is a wonderful place to live or visit.

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Burnsville Tree Service for Cleanup and Maintenance of Large Yard

New homeowners had bought a property in Burnsville that had a very large yard. The homeowners decided after having seen some of our work earlier decided to call us for their Burnsville tree service. Urban Tree & Landscape came out and gave the couple a great estimate on all of the actions we recommended taking. Most of the actions that we suggested were for simple pruning, but a couple of their trees needed to be removed.

The new homeowners accepted our estimate and asked us to start the work. The Urban Tree & Landscape crew arrived on Friday, the day the couple suggested and started removing the two trees first. Once the two tree were successfully removed the crew started pruning the remainder of the trees, then cleaning up the yard from any debris that was left from our work. The Burnsville residents told us how they were now at ease knowing that their trees needs were in good hands and were happy that Urban Tree & Landscape was the tree service professional that they contacted in Burnsville. The trees that we trimmed for the couple will now be healthier and grow and they won’t be affected by the two rotting trees that we removed. Urban Tree & Landscape prides itself on a deep knowledge of tree health. We’re fully equipped to determine whether or not a tree should be kept alive and do our best to inform and educate our clients while respecting their wishes and landscaping intentions.

Burnsville Shrub Removal Lends a Hand

An extremely busy window contractor contacted Urban Tree & Landscape. He said he was finishing up a great season, but that great season left him no time to do anything besides work. He needed some upkeep in his backyard, so he called the number one company for shrub removal Burnsville has to offer. Urban Tree & Landscape set up an appointment with the customer to evaluate his back yard. We wanted to see exactly what he wanted done, so we would provide excellent service. The Urban Tree & Landscape team arrived at the residence in Burnsville, and we looked at the backyard. It was overgrown and with our quality service we would have the backyard looking great in no time at all. The busy window contractor was thrilled with our proposal, and asked us to get started as soon as possible.

The Urban Tree & Landscape team arrived the following day to get the backyard all cleaned up and nice to look at. We removed two shrubs that were beyond saving, then trimmed one of his trees and cleared the yard. The overgrown yard was taken care of with no problems by our qualified and trained team. We heard back from the customer a few weeks later, and he said he was happy with the backyard. He said he was so overjoyed with the appearance of the backyard that he held a barbecue where he invited all his friends and neighbors. He told them all if they are looking for a professional shrub removal Burnsville folks would love, then to call Urban Tree & Landscape.

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